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Uber Fights German Government

Jure Otorepec
Recently Germany banned the ride-sharing service Uber from operating in Germany. That is hard to justify as the service is entirely voluntary, people offering rides for other people. The only justification is to protect the taxi industry. Therefore, the German courts


The Quality of our Money

By Heiko de Boer

The ECB is currently stimulating the economy. Their motivation is a possible deflation scenario.  Related to this scenario is the risk of an economic downturn.  However, the ECB always and at all times aims to stimulate the economy,


Mises’s student Reisman destroys Pikkety

Author: Jure Otorepec
Thomas Pikkety’s book Capital in the 21st century has been all the rage this year when it comes to books on economics. Now George Reisman, one of the few people who received his PhD under the mentorship of Ludwig von Mises, has

Road SIgn

Roads can be built without the state

Author: Jure Otorepec
Critics of libertarianism often bring up the topic of roads, when the discussion revolves around limiting the state. The question of “But who will build the roads?” is often asked. A fine answer to this question has been given by local British

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