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Familie und Staat – Robert Nef

Familie und Staat
Robert Nef
Die Schweizerische Vereinigung für Zukunftsforschung, hat in November 2014 zum sechsten Mal seit 2009 eine breite Internetumfrage zu Zukunftshoffnungen durchgeführt. Dabei zeigte sich, dass die Hoffnung auf Harmonie im eigenen Privatleben zulegte und mittlerweile nach der Hoffnung


Patents as weapons

by Thibault Schrepel, LL.M.
In the late 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I of England commissioned Francis Drake to sail for America. The Queen asked him to plunder Spanish vessels on its way there. Francis Drake became a pirate commissioned by the crown. This type


Call for Papers

Call for papers for a special issue scheduled for 2016 on “Business management and Austrian economics”. Paper submission deadline is 1st of August, 2015. You can find more information about the special issue on “Business management and Austrian economics” in


Why the Euro Must Be Saved

Despite of the rather nadir state of the European common currency and the ECB’s hopeless efforts to push Greece towards crucial reforms, the Euro must survive for the sake of preventing the resurrection of dangerous monetary nationalism. If not, the world economic community is

Piketty’s Grandiose Trial and Error Is Revealed

Last year a brilliant economist Thomas Piketty became a world-wide superstar economist for the leftists. By integrating superb academics in to the complex debate on economic inequality under the capitalist axiom, Piketty’s book “Capital in the 21st Century” generated bold arguments, which shrug the