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Free Market Roadshow 2017 Video


Watch the Free Market Roadshow 2017 below. The first video includes the introduction and the first panel:

A Major Economic Reconfiguration: The End of the Free Trade Era?

The first panel will focus upon Free trade and its discontents; Protectionism; Trade agreements; The sharing economy; Economic consequences of Brexit and Trump’s policies. How should Brussels and the EU establishment respond to Trump and the new US administration? Why does Brussels not have an answer to Trump’s constant ‘provocations’? The Rise of Protectionism. Companies “silence” in the face of rising uncertainty. This video features the following speakers:

Erich Weede, Professor in Sociology, University of Bonn, Germany

John Fund, Journalist

Pieter Cleppe, Head of Brussels office, Open Europe

Gordon Kerr, UK think- tank Cobden Centre

Moderator: Barbara Kolm, President of the Friedrich A. v. Hayek Institute and Director of the Austrian Economics Center


The second video includes the second panel and the concluding remarks:

Troubled Times in a Divided World

How can the gap between people and elites be closed? The parallel world of the media; How to find a balance between tolerance and the danger of eroding European values; The European Union after Brexit – are France and the Netherlands next?

In the light of Brexit, the question of who is next after the upcoming elections in France or the Netherlands is raised. There is undoubtedly a strong need to discuss the future of the EU. The time has come to revise our knowledge on how to communicate better and coexist in the changing world’s environment as a free and compatible society. This video features the following speakers:

Stefan Moritz, Managing Director of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME

Pierre Garello, Professor at the University of Aix-en-Provence

Kerry Halferty Hardy, Board member of the Competitive Enterprise Institute

Lawrence Urbain, Policy Advisor in Economic and Monetary policy, European Parliament

Moderator: Dr Auke Leen, Law Faculty, Institute Taxation and Economics, University of Leyden, the Netherlands