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General Assembly LVMI-Europe

Next month on the 8th of June, the LVMI-Europe is organising its yearly General Assembly. The event will take place at the Hotel Montgomery (Brussel).
Topics that will be discussed are our past years achievements and our future strategy.

Wille Villa Wuppertal

LVMI-Europe goes to Wuppertal, Germany!

Der erster Wirtschaftssalon Wuppertal – “Private Altersvorsorge in einer Welt ohne Zinsen” 
Please find further information and the invitation in the following link:
We certainly hope you’ll join us in Wuppertal!



LVMI-Europe Slogan

“The word Liberalism has been highjacked by the social democrats, first in the US and now in Europe”
Annette Godart-van der Kroon